Monday, April 12, 2010

Cookies Cookies Everywhere

A customer requested a dessert table to be set up for her parents 50th wedding anniversary party with assorted cookies including some sugar free options.  My sister and I went and set up the table for both the food (which was provided by a local restaurant) and the dessert table.  This was an extremely simple style dessert table set up

I know it is hard to see because of the background, but we used various black metal serving stands and used boxes under the table cloth to add hight to the serving plates.

These the cookies and things I made for the dessert table.

Chocolate dipped mini pretzels drizzled with white chocolate

Heart brownies dusted with powered sugar, a buttercream rosette, and sprinkled with gold stars

Lemon drop cookies that have powdered sugar on top

Rice crispy treats drizzled in dark chocolate and sprinkled with dark chocolate curls

These are heart shaped sugar cookies covered in fondant with a swirly 3D design and topped with gold disco dust

The husband celebrating his 50th wedding anniversary loves chocolate so these are rich double chocolate cookies with chocolate chips. 

These are soft gingerbread cookies dipped in a vanilla icing and sprinkled with cinnamon and clear sparkle sprinkles

This is one of the no sugar added cookies I made.  They are heart shaped oatmeal cranberry raisin, and they didn't taste like they were no sugar added.

For all of the chocolate lovers I made some sugar-free milk chocolate dipped pretzels drizzled in dark chocolate

Lastly, I made a sugar-free lemon shortbread cookie drizzled with lemon icing.

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