Friday, March 15, 2013

Nike Shoe Box Cake

This was my first cake like this and it was extremely challenging, but so much fun to accomplish! And, if I do say so my self, it turned out awesome!!!!

The shoe on top was rice crispy treat and the cake on the bottom was vanilla cake with almond and chocolate buttercream fillings. 

My client's fiance is really into Nike basket ball shoes and she says he has what seems like hundreds of pairs. She found the one in their closet that was the most fun! She let me borrow his shoe and I used it as the example for the shoe. Because his shoe was so nice and looked brand new I kept it plastic wrapped to ensure that I got no powdered sugar on it!

Up close detail of the shoe. 

Side by side shoe & boxes. She had me change the color of the tag to stand out more on the box - and I think the change was so great! 

I attempted to copy the signature on the back..... It turned out pretty good!

50 and Fantastic!

This was so fun! It was for a 50th Birthday! The top tier was lemon cake with vanilla bean filling, and the bottom tier was chocolate cake with a salted caramel filling

The only non-edible things on the cake were the wires holding up the silver balls and holding up the hearts. 

I also made matching red velvet cupcakes to go around the cake topped with red, black, white and silver hearts and black and red roses. 

60th Anniversary

I loved the colors of this cake! It was for a 60th Anniversary and the couple never had a wedding cake so this was their wedding-ish style anniversary cake! The top was a vanilla cake with raspberry filling and the bottom was a chocolate salted caramel cake. It had fondant ruffle flowers on it and a turquoise and bling ribbon border! 

Up-close of the ruffle flowers!

I loved it because it was simple and elegant!

Beach Trailer

This was also a first! It was a surprise for a birthday for a guy who grew up camping and loves the beach! My client wanted a laid back surfer feeling trailer cake - so I did my best to create that! 

It had palm trees, a pink flamingo, and a surfboard on the back! It doesn't get more laid back then that!

The palm trees turned out so good, now I want to make a jungle themed cake just so I can make them again!

Sand Rail Dune Buggy Cake

Holy fun cake! This was so much fun to make because it is unlike anything else I have had the opportunity to make! It was based on a picture of the sand rail dune buggy that the birthday boy has!

I couldn't tell what color motor theirs had based on the picture so I decided that red would be a fun addition to the motor! 

From the top!

"Dr who" Tardus

What a cool cake! This was based on the TV show DR. Who and is the time traveling 'Tardis'

It was a strawberry cake with a vanilla bean filling!

Another Year More Fabulous

This cake was hard to get a picture of  because of the ruffles on the bottom. To get the top to look great, you couldn't see the ruffles and to see the dimension in the ruffles, the whole thing looks washed out. I apologize for the picture - but this cake was so sassy and fun!

I made a ruffly black flower to go on top that had a shiny silver center! 

It had a rose pattern in light pink on top of the dark pink cake that was so fun! And the 'bling' ribbon was the perfect finishing touch for this one! 

This was one of my favorite cakes in February! I was thinking it would also be really pretty done in all white for an engagement party or bridal shower! 

For The Love Of Gardening!

This cake was so cool!

It was really large (12' round) which gave me quite a bit of space to work with and make this many mini veggies!

We made carrots, peas, radishes, eggplant, pumpkins, cabbage, and flowers for this cake!

Tractor Cake

What a great 2nd birthday cake!

It was a tractor/ construction themed party and was so much fun to make! The tractor on top was a toy that he could play with after the party. This kept the overall cost of the cake down but made it just as fun as if I had made one out of fondant, plus he gets to play with it again!

Gluten-Free Shell Cake

I have done some cakes similar to this in the past, but this was the first time I did it gluten free and it was the first time I did this cool underwater piping design on the side! It is my favorite one that I have done like this!

I used gluten free cookie crumbs on the top for the 'sand' effect

I really liked the way the design looked overall, even if it didn't really show up in the pictures. 

She Said Yes!

She said YES! This was a celebration on an engament with friends and family of my client!

We did coconut cream pies, almond shortbread cookies, red velvet cream cheese mousse, marble cakes, coconut macadamia brownies, blueberry lemon coconut crumbles and coconut macaroons. 

These were the decorated almond shortbread - SO FUN!

Mini coconut cream pies

Lemon blueberry coconut crumbles - lemon blueberry compote topped with a coconut vanilla crumble 

Chocolate dipped coconut macaroons

Coconut macadamia brownies

Red velvet cheesecake mousse

Marble mini fluted cakes

Wedding Dress Cookies

I did these cookies and wedding rings to for an post engagement celebration! These were similar to the "Final dress fitting cookies". This was the pattern on the orange bridesmaids dresses and the wedding dresses I did for that one were simple white with pattern at the bottom and on the bust with an orange sash and white flower! 

Final Dress Fitting Cookies

I really wish I had taken a picture of these before I wrapped them because they turned out so cute! I did an orange dress with a spiral style design and a white flower that was my interpretation on a bridesmaid dress. I also made a white wedding dress with white flowers and an orange sash across the middle. Lastly I made wedding rings with a silver band. Each one of the bags were filled with two cookies, and tied with a bow. They were a fun way to do a little gift for the friends and family attending the final dress fitting! 

Live Love Spa

What a great event! I got the opportunity to do the desserts for e website launch of Live Love Spa! We did whoopie pies, lemon meringue tarts, cheesecake mousse with a fresh strawberry and lemon blueberry coconut crumble!

These were the salad caramel whoopie pies filled with a caramel icing, sea salt, caramel bits, and rolled in mini chocolate chips.

These are the almond whoopie pies. Chocolate cake filled with an almond filling and rolled in toasted almonds!

The table looked so good! It is missing the cheesecake mousse cups and the tarts because they wherein the fridge until the start of the event.

Bridal Shower Cupcakes

These were simple and fun yet I loved the way they turned out! The flowers in the center had a spiral design and were painted with a shimmer dust. The light pink ones were plain vanilla cupcakes and the darker pink ones were vanilla cupcakes filled with a raspberry filling! 

A Night At The Oscars!

I got my first request to make some treats for an Oscar viewing party! I made almond shortbread cookies topped with gold fondant and the titles of the award categories like Best Film, Director, Actor... 

I also made a sampler box of a few different treats topped with gold stars. We did chocolate cake cheesecake mousse, vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream, and blueberry lemon coconut crumbles!

Princess cakes

These were simple and fun! It was a small 6" cake and a small 4" personal cake for the birthday girl! They were having a princess-ish party and it was fun and spunky for this sweetheart! 

Super Bowl 2013!

I got to do desserts for superbowl this year which was a 1st for me! I love doing things specific to certain events!! 

These were almond shortbread chocolate iced footballs!

They were San Francisco fans so these were SF chocolate cupcakes topped with vanilla buttercream and filled with raspberry

I loved the way the chocolate covered strawberries turned out! They were just so fun!!!

Valentines Sweetheart Cakes

One of the other specials I sold for valentines day were 6" sweetheart cakes. They were so fun to make because everyone was just a little different then the others!

This was a chocolate cake with fresh strawberries and a chocolate ganache filling covered with vanilla buttercream and fondant hearts!

These four just happened to be done all a the same time, so I took a picture of them all together. 

This was a chocolate peanut butter cake with chocolate buttercream and fondant hearts!

Both of these were chocolate cake with a vanilla buttercream filling and they were covered in fondant. I used ribbon around the base on both and made real ribbon bows for both. 

This final one was also a chocolate cake with a peanut butter filling and was covered in fondant. I made a fondant ruffle flower and used a real ribbon on top!