Saturday, January 26, 2013

Micky Mouse Clubhouse Party!

So I had no idea what Micky Mouse Clubhouse even was before I did this cake, I guess I should get out in the world more! This however was not only a great learning lesson for me, but it was so much fun!

The whole table turned out just darling!!!

The cake! The top was vanilla cake with strawberry filling and the bottom was a lemon cake with a vanilla filling!!! All of the decorations were made out of fondant. 

These were the most fun cupcakes I have had the chance to make in 2013 so far!!!! And there will be some stiff competition to take away that title! Everyone from the clubhouse for the most part was represented here: Mini, Goofy, Donald, Daisy, Mickey, and Pluto! So So So much fun!!!!

Queen for the Day!

This was the first time I have made a crown out of fondant and it was so much fun! This was a two tier cake covered in fondant with a bling border and a pink silk ribbon!  It was such a fun way to celebrate an 80th birthday with the theme of being the Queen for the Day!

The crown was completely edible!

The top tier was a red velvet cake with a cream cheese icing, and the bottom tier was the the chocolate salted caramel cake! I also made vanilla cupcakes, filled with lemon and topped with pink vanilla buttercream!

The complete look!

Butterfly Sweet 16

This was a challenging and exciting cake to make! It was a two tier cake covered in hand made fondant butterflies! It matched the decor perfectly and I think it was a great addition to the amazing party decorations!

The top tier was a lemon cake with a vanilla filling, and the bottom tier was a chocolate cake with a custard filling! Fun Fun Fun!

Reindeer Faces!

Who doesn't love some reindeer faces!!!!! I know I do! This was such a fun and happy Christmas Eve cake!!!! It was a chocolate cake with peppermint buttercream covered in fondant, with fondant reindeer faces all around it. I took some inspiration from some of the cupcakes I had been doing at the same time and made a Santa and an Elf face to go on top!

Rudolph Face Cake

I had so much fun making this cake!!!! I know cake isn't typical for Christmas dinner dessert, but it is hard not to smile when you look into this reindeer's eyes!

This was a Chocolate Salted Caramel Cake and had layers of rich chocolate fudge cake, caramel buttercream, mini chocolate chips, caramel bits, and sea salt. It has been a fan favorite for the last few months!!! I know it is my favorite!!

The whole reindeer was covered in a chocolate fondant! I loved making this cake!!!

Skateboard Cake

This was such a fun cake for an 8th Birthday! It was a skateboard shaped cake covered in black fondant. The wheels were made out of cake and covered in fondant as well. 

Chocolate Wedding

This was a hard picture to take because there was a mirror in behind the cake, and the light was shining in right on the cake. This cake was very simple but was extremely elegant! It was a dark brown fondant with a chocolate fondant ribbon. It had a small cluster of blood red roses on the top! Simple and Classy!

Christmas Cupcakes

 I  can not even begin to describe how much fun these were to make! They were simple vanilla cupcakes and chocolate cupcakes with vanilla or chocolate buttercream, but they turned out so cute! Merry Christmas!!!!

There were stockings, santa faces, reindeer, elves, christmas trees, mittens, gingerbread men, and snowflakes!

My mom's favorite was the santa faces

My favorite were the elves!

Cake Tastings!

Tis the season for weddings and large gatherings!
I offer free cake tastings and would love to set one up for you! Call or email me to book your tasting! (949)395-2615 &
I look forward to hearing from you soon!

What a typical small cake tasting looks like!

Holiday Cookies

These were almond shortbread cookies, topped with icing and fondant. I did the detail work with royal icing 


Christmas Trees!


Decorate Your Own Cookies

We are now offering a Decorate Your Own Cookie Box! It comes complete with the baked cookies, different colored icings as well as sprinkles! I did them for Christmas parties to occupy the kids and to take the stress of making cookies for Santa off of the parents, but we could do them for birthday parties and other events as well!

Orchid Writers Cake

This was a cool cake to do! It was based off the business card for the local OC Writers! The orchids were made out of fondant. 

Pile of Fries Cake

This was such a fun birthday cake to make!!!! It was based on a local restaurants "pub fries", a pile of french fries topped with melted cheese and bacon. 

The 'fries' were made out of sugar cookies, the 'cheese' was made out of icing and the 'bacon' was made out of fondant bits. It was all on top of a carrot cake covered in cream cheese icing. It was almost as fun to snack on as a real pile of cheesy french fries!


This is one of the newest things added to the Little Something Sweet line up! I did a ton of these over the holidays, and these are a few of them!

These were vanilla and chocolate peppermint, topped with fondant holly leaves and edible beads

This was a sampler box with vanilla and chocolate peppermint, vanilla and chocolate salted caramel, and a brown butter pumpkin pecan

These were for a black and white birthday party. They were vanilla cake with black chocolate icing, and chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream. Some were topped with fondant stars. 

Holiday Boutique

I got the opportunity to do a holiday boutique at one of the active seniors apartment complex's in the area and it was so much fun! 

This was how the whole table was set up. 

We had sugar free brownies and vanilla mini bunt cakes! We also had lemon pound cake loaves, brown butter pumpkin bread loaves, and a cinnamon swirl coffee cake loaf. 

There were many cookie options including: Chocolate chip, Malted double chocolate chip, Snickerdoodle, Oatmeal raisin, Cherry almond chocolate chip, Blueberry lemon white chocolate chip, and Sampler packs (a mini of each cookie so that you can taste test each type). 

I also offered Caramel pecan brownies and traditional brownies as well as a raspberry crumb bar. 

I also had Cup-Cakes! We did red velvet, Chocolate salted caramel, Vanilla salted caramel, Double chocolate, Vanilla with chocolate and Brown butter pumpkin pecan.

Holiday Party!

I got the opportunity to do the desserts for a family and friends anual holiday party and it was so much fun! 

This was the overall table set up

This is a side view of the table

Cranberry Orange White Chocolate Chip Bliss Bars

Smore Brownies 

Chocolate Toffee Chip Cookies

Chocolate Salted Caramel Cup-Cakes

Egg Nog Cheesecake Bites

Lemon Blueberry White Chocolate Chip Cookies

Red Velvet With Cream Cheese Icing Mini Cake Bites

Mini Apple Pie Tarts

Mini Lemon Meringue Pie Tarts

I wanted to throw a holiday party like this, but never got around to it! Maybe next year!!!!

Cake Towers

I love these! I used to make these and sell them in my pastry shop in Asheville, NC! They are layers of cake and icing stacked inside a plastic ring! They are a little larger than a cupcake but are so much more fun!!

These were the chocolate salted caramel cakes.

And these were holiday inspired red velvet and chocolate towers!

Holiday Treats

These are a few of the items I did for people for the Christmas holidays!

Snowflake brownies: rich chocolate brownies cut into a snowflake shape and decorated with a vanilla buttercream. 

Caramel apple pie and a french crumble top apple pie

Peppermint brownies, topped with a peppermint buttercream and crushed candy cane!

Thanksgiving Jars

I know it has been a while since I have been able to update this blog, but here is the first one in a long string of updates since Thanksgiving 2012!

One of the special orders I had for Thanksgiving were these jars. I made three different types for variety and one was placed at each place setting on their thanksgiving table. They were the party favors for the guests to take home with them after they had dinner. Each one was tied with a bow, had a thank you card tied to it, and a fork so that it made eating it later easier! 

This is what the finished product looked like. 

These were Brown Butter Pumpkin Cakes. They had the brown butter pumpkin cake, spiced buttercream icing, white chocolate chips and mini marshmallows. 

This was the Chocolate Salted Caramel Cake. It had layers of rich chocolate cake, caramel buttercream, mini chocolate chips, caramel chewy bits, caramel drizzle and sea salt. 

These were Cranberry Apple Pies. They had a apple filling, sweetened cranberries, pie dough bits, and crumble topping layered in as well.