Friday, March 15, 2013

Nike Shoe Box Cake

This was my first cake like this and it was extremely challenging, but so much fun to accomplish! And, if I do say so my self, it turned out awesome!!!!

The shoe on top was rice crispy treat and the cake on the bottom was vanilla cake with almond and chocolate buttercream fillings. 

My client's fiance is really into Nike basket ball shoes and she says he has what seems like hundreds of pairs. She found the one in their closet that was the most fun! She let me borrow his shoe and I used it as the example for the shoe. Because his shoe was so nice and looked brand new I kept it plastic wrapped to ensure that I got no powdered sugar on it!

Up close detail of the shoe. 

Side by side shoe & boxes. She had me change the color of the tag to stand out more on the box - and I think the change was so great! 

I attempted to copy the signature on the back..... It turned out pretty good!

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