Friday, October 15, 2010

Baby Bassinets

For a baby shower a client asked that I make 2 bassinets (the mommy to be was having twins). These were oval shaped cakes covered in white fondant with fondant decorations. The whole cake was then airbrushed with a pearl sheen to make it shiny.  

I made the top of the bassinet out of crispy treats and covered them with fondant as well.

I used a pastry cutter with a decorative edge to make each of the blankets look quilted. The sides were given a triangle quilted pattern and I used edible blue and pink shiny pearls on the sides.

The bear was made out of fondant, and there were baby foot prints surrounding the base of the cake. I used fondant to also make the ruffle along the top and the bottom of the cake.

The babies were made out of fondant as well, and were decorated to look like the parents to be.

 Overall these were fun cakes to have at a baby shower and could easily serve 25.

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