Sunday, January 9, 2011

I Was Bored... So I Experimented....

 I was bored one day so I decided to go though a few magazines and experiment with some unique cookie recipes.  

This was a mexican hot chocolate cookie.  It was a chocolate cookie with cream of tartar in it, so it was similar to a snicker-doodle.  It also had cayenne pepper and ancho chili pepper so it was mildly spicy. This cookie was beautiful when it was presented.  Next time I believe I will lightly dust it with powdered sugar after it is baked.

This was a coconut macaroon.  I made the egg white mixture and mixed in shaved coconut.  Then I created these little cones and toasted them in the oven.  The were soft, yet chewy and were a real hit with all of the coconut lovers out there!

This was by far the most unique cookie I made during my experimentation day. It was a bacon ginger cookie.  It was similar to a gingerbread cookie because of its soft texture.  I used both bacon fat and small bits of bacon in the cookie and topped it with granulated sea salt, so it was the perfect balance of salty and sweet. The ginger addition was nice because it cleansed your pallet after the richness of the bacon.  

A Hawaiian Bravo!

This cake was simple yet elegant for a graduation celebration. It was covered in vanilla buttercream with pink fondant ribbon. The hawaiian flowers were made out of gum paste and were colored with luster dust. 

Kaitlyn is 21!

This was one of the most fun cakes to make! It was a red velvet cupcake cake with brown cream cheese icing.  Due to the fact it was made out of cupcakes, it was easy to serve at the 21st birthday celebration.