Saturday, June 22, 2013

Bee-Lated Bee

This cake was a mix between a cute bee and a realistic bee. It was for a belated birthday for a person that loves bees! Couldn't get better than that!

Danielle's Graduation!

Danielle just graduated from High School, and is moving to Switzerland for college. Seems like a suitcase cake was fitting! 
It was a three tier cake - 2 suitcases and the graduation cap!

We also did a full dessert bar around the cake! Congratulations Danielle!

It had some of her favorite quotes on it as well! 
The one on top says "Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by Dogma - which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition." Steve Jobs

On the invitation it had the quote "She Believed She Could so She did!"

We included other things like the swiss flag, her new schools emblem, a softball, bon voyage, Switzerland and other tags. 

We did chocolate dipped pretzels, german chocolate meringue cups, and lemon meringue tarts

We also did turtle brownies and french macaroons

We did strawberry cheesecake mousse and chocolate dipped strawberries as well

2 Race Car

This cake turned out so cute! What a perfect way to celebrate a 2nd birthday for a little boy who loves cars!
I had to take a picture of it at the location after I got the cars from the Mom to put on top! It just made it that much more fun!

Nursing Graduation Cake

What a cool nursing smock if I do say so myself!
Everything on this cake was edible! It was such a fun shape to make!

The client who placed the order wanted Congrats written to look like blood - I think it is a fun touch! 

Kentucky Derby Engagement Party

We did cupcakes and cookies for a Kentucky Themed engagement party! Congratulations you guys!!!

We did butter pecan, chocolate salted caramel, pink lemonade and vanilla with raspberry

We also did red velvet

The cookies were lemon sugar!

Fairy Cake

This was by far the coolest fairy cake I have ever done! It was busy, but it was perfect because it was like a little fairy land! 
There was a fairy house, and a hidden fairy!

And the whole thing was covered in different bugs, flowers, leaves, mushrooms and vines!

My Fair Lady

This cake was so cute in person, but I am bummed it didn't photograph well. 

It was for a My Fair Lady themed birthday party and was supposed to look like the hat on the front of the movie cover! 

I made gumpaste flowers for the front as well as a large fondant black and white striped ribbon

We used real feathers to get the full effect! 

Nursing Cupcakes

These were for a "good bye life, hello nursing school" party. It was the start of spring so we did a mixture of nursing things and spring flowers, lady bugs and bumble bees. 
These were mini red velvet and mini vanilla bean cupcakes

These were red velvet and carrot cake cupcakes 

The pills turned out so cute!

Serfas Anniversary Cake

Serfas Anniversary of their location in Rancho Santa Margarita just came up, so we made them a cake that looked like one of the bike seats they make!
The "Tag" is made out of cake

And the bike seat is made out of a rice crispy treat

It was a pretty fun one to re-create!

Just Married!

This cake was so rustic and simple! I LOVED IT!

She got the cake topper on Etsy, and we used fresh flowers on the cake as well

Her flowers were BEAUTIFUL!

Hawaiian Cupcakes

These turned out so much cuter then I had anticipated! Everything on the tops were edible including the sea shells, hibiscus flowers, palm trees and sandals! 

For this party we also did a dozen gluten free and dairy free red velvet cupcakes 

I just can't get over how cute the sandals were!

Baby Bruce's Sports Baby Shower

So this was a really cute baby shower! 
We did the cake with the stars, sports balls, and giraffe referee 

The giraffe was so cute!

We also did sports cake pops
And not pictured because I spazzed were super cute sugar cookies shaped like baby onsies with little sports balls on the front! They were so cute! I am bummed I forgot the picture!

Bug Cupcakes

I am in love with how cute these bugs turned out!
We did snails, worms, dragonflies, butterflies, lady bugs and flowers!

Shoe Box Cake

This was such a fun birthday cake to make for the Lover of Shoes!
The gumpaste shoe was sitting on a cake shoe box!

Happy Birthday Kerri!


I have never made a face shaped cake before, and even though it was challenging and I think it turned out more like ET with big ears, I love the way it looks! 
Everything on him was edible, including his rice noodle hair!

His profile is pretty cool!