Tuesday, October 16, 2012

70th Birthday Cake

This was my last cake I did while I was living in North Carolina. It was quite a challenge, and I loved every minute of making it!!
This was for a grandfather's 70th birthday and they wanted everything that he loved, or they knew him for on it, and it was FUN!

The front of the cake!

 The NYC skyline (because he is from NY), He loves his Merlot (bottle & grapes) and his favorite cars is a 79 Cadillac 

He has a miniature yorki, loves bowling, and loves to golf!

He loves his bible, he isn't a grinch but they have a family joke that he is, and he draws this jojo character on any piece of paper he gets his hands on.

This was a fun cake because I feel like I got to know him, and I never met him! 

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