Friday, September 27, 2013

Laguna Beach Wedding!

What a beautiful wedding in Laguna Beach!

This was a 5 tier vanilla bean cake filled with white chocolate ganache and fresh strawberries and topped with a vanilla buttercream. 

We used graham cracker crumbs as "sand" and made hand painted white chocolate shells!

I LOVED the way that the final product turned out!

We also made a polymer clay cake topper so that they can keep if forever! 

From the back!

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  1. Elizabeth, you and your team sent us over the moon with this magnificent, delicious piece of art. I'm a surfer and I grew up down in OC hitting the beaches all the time. Our first date was on the beach outside Cest La Vie, where these pictures were taken. Your spectacular, inspired, masterpiece was the most wonderful cake we could have hoped for. It served as a wonderful centerpiece for the reception. The seashells were so real, they must've been hand-painted and the idea of graham cracker sand, genius, Thank you so very much, Billy & Patric.