Monday, February 13, 2017

We are so excited to announce....

Life is a little sweeter with dessert!!! AND.... we finally finished our website!!! After years of owning the domain name, we have FINALLY done something with it!

With this new website  - we also finally got a new email address! I will still be responding to the old email, however we ask all new emails to be directed to our fancy new email!

Our new website will feature photos - that I hopefully will be updating every few months (fingers crossed!) as well as our full menu, pricing sheet - and a fancy new order sheet that will help me get all the information from you at once so I can better serve you!!!

I am just so excited so once again - our new website is - check it out! I would love your feedback!!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016


As many of you may have noticed…. it has been almost a year since I have updated the posts on this site… We are so grateful that you guys have kept us so busy that we haven't had a ton of time to sit down and blog about our goings-ons.

Check out our website for starting pricing information - as well as a full menu and additional photos!

Check us out and like us on Facebook where we update our photos a little more regularly!
Our facebook has current photos of all of our specialty desserts, dessert bars, wedding cakes and specialty cakes. Stay up to date on our holiday specials by liking us

Common FAQ's

How do you go about placing an order?
The best way is to fill out the form on our order form on our website - or Call, text or email me (Elizabeth) - (949)39-2615 ----

*I try to respond as fast as possible, but being the only baker, decorator, book keeper and delivery girl  time sometimes gets away from me. Your calls, emails and texts are extremely important to me, however if you contact me on a Friday or Saturday chances are I will get back to you early the following week as my weekends are dedicated to the events and cakes taking place that weekend.

What do I need to include to place an order?
The more information the better!

What day is your event?
How many people are you serving?
Do you have a specific design or decoration idea?
Do you have a color scheme you are working with?
Do you have photos of things online that you have liked? (*there is no such thing as to many inspiration photos)
For the photos you are sending - are there specific components you like or ones you don't like?

If you are looking for a specific price quote - we need the date, serving size and how you would want your item decorated or what size for our individual desserts in order to give you an accurate price quote. If you send all the information at once we can expedite the pricing process and not have to ask you a bunch of questions prior to giving you the pricing.

*Let us know if you have an allergies or sensitivities as we will make a note on your order and take extra precautions 

How much time in advance should I order?
Due to the time of year we book up every weekend. We REQUIRE a minimum of a weeks notice because many of the decorative items need time to dry and harden. We can try to accommodate last minute orders if we have openings, however some decorative aspects may not be possible

So the earlier the better! I am a one woman baking team - so I only accept as many orders as I know I can create on any given day. Once I max out, I have to stop taking orders for that weekend. I have a hard time saying no, but I never want to say yes and then have to rush through it and give you something half done that doesn't look perfect. Every item that leaves should be beautiful and taste as good as it looks!

What flavors and items do you offer?
Check out the flavors tab above to see the different items and flavors we offer - and if it isn't on the list, all you have to do is ask - we are happy to customize your treat and create a special item just for you if we can!

How can I pay?
We accept cash, check or credit card

Is there a deposit needed?
We require a credit card number as a deposit for all orders. We will not charge your credit card without prior authorization from you unless your order is canceled within 7 days of the event (a partial to full charge may apply) or if you do not pickup your order or you are not there upon delivery (a full charge will apply). We destroy the card number on file once your order is paid for. 

Do you do tastings?
At this time only do cake tastings for weddings. Due to the fact that we can't make only one individual mini dessert at a time in many cases the wedding tastings are limited to cakes only. 

Do you deliver? How much does it cost?
We do deliver - and delivery is based on milage as well as time from our location to yours. If you send us the address we will give you a quote. Delivery is a limited availability item and we may not always be able to deliver or may not be available at certain times due to orders that were placed prior to yours. I do my best to accommodate everyone but because I am the only one who does pickups as well as deliveries we have to limit it. 

I called and/or emailed you and haven't heard back, when will you respond?
I do my best to respond asap! I may be in a meeting, working on a cake, covered in icing, or out on a delivery.  If you contacted me on a Friday or Saturday, I most likely will respond Sunday or the following Monday. Your event is very important to me, as are the events I am currently working on during the weekends, so in order to give the current orders the attention they need I sometimes have to hide my phone from myself. Don't worry - leave a message, and a good time to get back to you and I will contact you back as soon as I can!

How does your pricing work?
The starting pricing for everything is listed on the pricing tab above - These are the starting prices, meaning if your cake or items have more detail or are 3D the pricing will go up from there. We try to be as fair as possible and are lower than most bakeries, but there are some stores like Costco and grocery chains that we just can't compete with. All of our items are handmade from scratch to order specifically just for you, so we don't have the ability to mass produce items and just hold them in the freezer until they are ordered. 

Do you have items I can just call and pick up today?
Unfortunately we don't. Currently we don't have a store front, so all items are specifically made for each order. It is very important to us that every item is as fresh as possible so we don't have frozen pre-made items hanging out.

You don't have a store front? Where do you bake?
I currently bake out of my house - it is registered with the health department - and is inspected regularly. I am a clean freak, and it is easier for me to ensure it stays up to my cleanliness standard better than a lot of commercial kitchens I have seen!! We are fully registered with the County of Orange Health Department -License #PR0107764 

Where are you located?
We are located in the city of Trabuco Canyon - right off El Toro Road between Glen Ranch Road and Ridgeline Road *******WE ARE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY ********

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

It's Been A While!

Oh boy! Life has gotten crazy making some sweet treats for many special events and occasions! I haven't had a chance to update my blog in a really long time (as you can see because the last post was from Thanksgiving of 2013….)!!! An update is coming! I promise!!! If you want to see some photos from more recent events check out our facebook page! Like us on facebook so that you can stay updated on the different Holiday specials, new flavors and pictures of the fun creations we get to make!!! 
Here is a sneak peek of the some of the pictures coming in the next update!